my minds a mess, my hearts a wreck....

Nate: ah having one of those days? *sits down next to his brother*
Malius: i just want my family back *wipes at his eyes*
Nate: maybe you owe her a few apologies. Talk it out.
Malius: for once i want us to be able to all go home and not have to worry. Yet here i am and conner…
Nate: go on, be jealous. Thats natural i assume. I still suggest having a calm talk about things with her.
Malius: god you have it easy
Nate: oh yeah?
Malius: You have managed to hold your relationship together and now you get to stay home with her
Nate: *looks over and glares at him* easy. My life is easy? My girlfriend got rid of our child while i watch my brother raise my daughter. When i didn’t get to be there when she was born. I didn’t stay up with her. I watched our mother die, I’m still enemy number one to the public and my life is easy? Fuck you *gets up and walks out, slamming the door*
Malius: *sighs and puts his hands over his face*
Em: *out in the hall* how is he?
Nate: peachy *snaps and brushes past her to go to his room and slams that door too*